The Tiny Cabins

Photo: courtesy of Jeff Willmer, A Better Tent City, Kitchener

The cabins at Kitchener’s A Better Tent City (like this one above) serve as our model.

We’re grateful for the generous support from Peter Scholes and his team at In the Back Yard in Stoney Creek who are building them for us.

• The cabins measure 8′ x 10′ and can be designated with a ramp to be accessible

• They’re built to a high standard from top-quality, fire-proofed

• Each cabin is equipped with lighting, heat and a fire extinguisher

• A small bar fridge safely stores food

• A microwave is included to heat meals.

Portable bathrooms and showers could be included on site, as well an additional kitchen portacabin and a communal gathering space, brought in on trailers.

Regular recycling and garbage pickup will also be scheduled for the HATS site.

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Help us provide a warm, safe cabin for someone experiencing homelessness. To donate click the above button to visit Canada Helps on the SPRC website. Write “HATS” in the message box.

HATS is a grateful recipient of the Local Love Grant